Effect Of Internet On Education

However, it still remains many negative aspects if it is abused by people especially student and children. It is a peer-reviewed journal intended to be a vehicle for scholarly presentation and dissemination of contributions, theoretical and applied, significantly addressing.

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It took us less than 12 years to face the fact of its spreading all over the global, including the developing countries.

Effect of internet on education. And in this era, free education has never been so accessible. Key considerations for policy makers. Perhaps no other influence has so affected the face of higher education than the World Wide Web.

12 Jul 2013 by Dimitris Kaplanis, 9 mins to read. The Web gives lifelong learners the. Allegedly, modern technologies became a part of every single person`s life.

Nearly every aspect of learning that was once thought to be set in concrete, no longer is. It has made it possible for resource sharing on a worldwide scale and has made it possible for any educational institution to. Today, the technology and education are tightly bound as well.

What is more, recently it made a revolution in teaching practice –. Brandon Doner, Jon Kahn, Alicia Phipps, Matt Vorell. With this facility, you can take up short-term courses with the course material available online, attend virtual classes, learn, and appear for exams.

But technology affected not only entertaining spheres.

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