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It is a kind of super-charged oxygen (O 3).It makes a layer in the atmosphere which acts as a cover to the Earth against ultraviolet radiation of the Sun. Hence, we should be aware and actions must be taken to ensure that ozone layer is not destroyed.

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Essay on Effects of Ozone Layer Depletion.

Essay on ozone layer. It is present in traces less than 1 […] Argumentative Essay on Ozone Layer. Ozone layer is a protective stratospheric layer, also known as ozone umbrella.

The ozone layer is one of the most important source of protection that exists on Earth. Carbon dioxide and ozone play in keeping the earth’s surface warmer than it would normally be. It is found largely in the stratosphere that extends from about 6 km at the poles and 17 km at the equator to about 50 km above the earth’s surface.

Money and time are being spent on ozone repair, but the problem still exists. Mankind’s very existence is totally dependent on this fragile ecosystem’s ability to maintain itself. Essay on Ozone Layer (324 Words) Have you ever suffered from sunburn?

Ozone Depletion Atmospheric ozone layer depletion is a serious problem currently facing the world. The Ozone Layer Essay. Ozone layer depletion is the destruction of ozone gas of upper atmospheric layer (stratosphere), caused by substances formed from breakdown of ozone-depleting substances (ODS).

Ozone layer…In 1973, scientists discovered that human-produced chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) decimate ozone when they break apart six to 25 miles above the Earth's surface (Parson 225). The upper layer of the atmosphere surrounded by ozone (15 to 30 Kms) is known as ozonosphere. The ozone layer plays an ultimately significant role in absorbing ultraviolet radiation that are hazardous to living creatures on the Earth.

Depletion of the ozone layer is a thorny issue not only to environmentalists but to the world at large because of the devastating affects it has on the climate. The ozone layer protects humans, animals, and plants from harmful ultraviolet rays. Concern about the ozone layer spurred unprecedented international environmental cooperation.

It is created continuously through the action of sunlight and oxygen in the upper atmosphere. This ozone destruction allows the more biologically harmful ultraviolet-B rays (UV-B) to reach the Earth's surface. Ozone is a gas in the lower level of stratosphere.

The exact amount of ozone varies, depending on the seasons and the location. This layer absorbs between 93 and 99 per cent of the ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Serious burning is not only painful, but it may cause skin cancer.

Here is your essay on ozone layer depletion! Actions to protect the ozone layer. This proves ozone depletion is a big issue that needs attention.

Argumentative Essay on Ozone Layer. Ozone (O3) is a triatomic form of oxygen. The troposphere is the.

Ozone Depletion – Essay Example. This calls for the formulation of approaches to cut down the effects of the ozone layer depletion. Essay about Ozone Layer Depletion 1623 Words | 7 Pages.

Essay on The Importance of the Ozone – The Importance of the Ozone “Like an infection that grows more and more virulent, the continent-size hole in Earth’s ozone layer keeps getting bigger and bigger”(Beyond Discovery). The ozone layer protects the Earth from the ultraviolet rays sent down by the sun. Ozone layer is a thin layer that is located within the stratosphere and contains high concentration of ozone.

By 1975, growing evidence of ozone layer depletion triggered a public-relations battle between aerosol can manufacturers and environmentalists that became known as “the Spray-Can War” (Christie 21). The ozone layer is a region of the. A valuable player in the balance of the environment, the ozone layer, is facing.

Introduction to Ozone Layer Depletion: Its existence is crucial for life on earth as we know it, because the ozone layer controls the absorption of a portion of the deadly ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun. This burning of the skin is caused by ultraviolet (UV) light from the Sun.

Fortunately, almost all of the harmful UV radiation is absorbed by a layer of ozone gas 20 […] The ozone layer is a layer of ozone high up in the Earth's atmosphere stratosphere, between approximately 10 kilometres and 50 kilometres above Earth’s surface. Solution on Ozone Layer Depletion September 16 was voted the world ozone day in the year 1994 by the United Nations General Assembly.

Essay on Depletion of Ozone Layer! Ozone Layer Essay.The Ozone Layer It acts as a sun block and filters out the dangerous ultra-violet rays from the sun ("The Chemistry of the Ozone Layer"). The Ozone Layer – The Ozone Layer The stratospheric ozone layer exists at altitudes between about 10 and 40km depending on latitude, just above the tropopause.

The ozone is a protective layer that occurs naturally in the stratosphere, 6 to 28 miles in altitude. The Earth's atmosphere is broken up into two layers that have to do with ozone ("Ozone Layer").

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