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<p>Noam Chomsky used the sentence "Colorless green ideas sleep furiously" to show that sentences can be both nonsensical and grammatically correct.</p><p>This might sound like an obscure origin for a mobile game, but Sleep Furiously from Playmation Studios is far from obscure.</p><p>If you've ever played around with fridge prose magnets, crafting silly sentences with a random handful of words, then you already know how to play.</p><p>The whole game is about making sentences as bizarre and hilarious as you want, but like Chomsky's example, the only rule is grammar.</p><p>If the grammar's not right, you can't string the words together.</p><p>In terms of gameplay, Sleep Furiously is similar to SpellTower, where words are eliminated if used and the leftovers continue to stack.</p><p>I had the chance to play Sleep Furiously at Apps World this week and thought it was a clever and fun approach to the word game genre.</p><p>Check out the gameplay trailer below or start making your own weird sentences on iOS or Android for $2.99.</p>.


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