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Epidemic - horror text quest with puzzles Mod Epidemic mod v4.07 (free shopping) Features:free shoppingSave the world from the coming Apocalypse! Epidemic is a free game that combines elements of a text quest and a puzzle.An unusual disease has struck a small village in the middle of the forest. Mysterious symptoms progress and take frightening forms. The epidemic is spreading, disfiguring people and taking lives.Stop the infection!You will have to act thoughtfully and spend resources rationally to develop a cure before the disease destroys the population and spreads around the world, turning into a pandemic!In search of a panacea, you will have to contact infected people and examine their blood for antibodies, repeatedly facing a difficult moral choice — who to help, and who should suffer for the sake of saving the others.Remember that you run the risk of being infected yourself! Monitor your health condition and don't forget to take measures to avoid being among the victims of the epidemic..

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