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<p>Pavilion has danced around platforms over the past couple of years. At first it was coming to mobile and tablets. Then PlayStation. Now it has been confirmed for PC.</p><p>However, in its most recent announcement, developer Visiontrick seems to have dropped any plan to bring Pavilion to iOS and Android.</p><p>It's now only confirmed for PS Vita, PS4, Windows, Mac, and Linux. There still isn't a release date either.</p><p>What we do know is that Pavilion will arrive across two chapters. The first will arrive before the year is out. The second won't be ours until 2016.</p><p>We also know that, heck, Pavilion is one hell of a good-looking game. But saying that doesn't cut it..

GAME NAME 4x4 Off-Road Rally 7

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com.sigmateam.4x4 Off-Road Rally 7.free

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