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<p>Retro game publisher DotEmu has announced that it's bringing the remake of classic JRPG Ys Chronicles 1 to iOS and Android.</p><p>The remake of 1987's Ys 1: Ancient Ys Vanished was originally released on PC and PSP in the 2000s. Now it has been adapted to touchscreen controls for phones and tablets.</p><p>Exactly how it will play on the touchscreen hasn't been revealed yet. Nor has a release date been given outside of it coming "soon."</p><p>What we do know is that it will follow the story of Adol Christin as he tries to free the cities of Esteria from a demonic invasion.</p>.

GAME NAME Encuentra la Palabra

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com.sigmateam.Encuentra la Palabra.free

Miami crime simulator(MOD (Unlocked, No Ads) v1.2.3):

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