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<p>Nidhogg, the award-winning minimal fencing game by Mark "Messhof" Essen, is finally headed to mobile, with a PS Vita version in the works.</p><p>The game will release alongside the PlayStation 4 version with Cross Buy, meaning players will receive both the Vita and PS4 versions with the purchase of just one.</p><p>In Nidhogg, players face off one vs. one in a battle across several, scrolling levels. It's a virtual tug-of-war, with plenty of sword-clashing action inbetween.</p><p>The PSN will connect players cross-platform, meaning you can do battle with players on Vita or PS4 no matter which system you're on.</p><p>No one to play with, but still want to hone your skills? A single-player mode is available as well.</p>.

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